IRC Council


Interacting with the team

Usual roles

Task description

The Debian IRC Council is responsible for managing Debian's IRC channels, such as #debian-devel, by maintaining access lists, and settling disputes between channel members and channel operators. The main objective is to enable channel operation on channels that have no group of active operators, or wish coverage by operators in other time zones. Channels are welcome to join the group, or opt out.

They also manage the interaction between Debian and the IRC network. Examples include admin requests for channels not yet in the group, or setting up project cloaks on Freenode.net.

In the rare case channels are owned by others where this ownership is not in the interest of Debian, or the subproject/topic of that channel, they will arrange a take-over.

Disputes with actions by channel operators should be discussed with the operators, outside of that channel. Disputes with actions by IRC Council members should be addressed to irc-council@debian.org.


IRC Council members will be DPL delegates (as per Debian Constitution ยง8). The actual delegation text will be available.

Get involved

Adding a channel

To include an OFTC channel in the IRC Council realm, do as a channel master:

/msg GroupServ ACCESS #debian-foo ADD @debian-master MASTER
/msg GroupServ ACCESS #debian-foo ADD @debian-chanop CHANOP