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    * For example, all ibus-family multiarch-forein plugin-executables use LIBEXECDIR=/usr/lib/ibus/

IME Packaging Team


Interacting with the team

Usual roles

Task description

Work and coordinate to provide the good Input_method infrastructure to the Debian desktop.

Typical candidates packages are:

  • im-config (and its predecessor im-switch)

  • ibus and its family of packages

  • uim and its family of packages

  • fcitx and its family of packages

  • scim and its family of packages

Member requirements

The requirements to the members are the following (This is based on the de facto practice and only an tentative one.):

  • interested in maintaining the good IME packages on Debian. (No need to have packages)
  • abide by the Debian Social Contract.

  • willing to work with other people on the IME packaging team.
  • communicate publicly on this ML or BTS of packages. (Along with the social contract #3: "We will not hide problems")
  • Respect and follow the guidelines and best practices


  • pkg-ime activities
    • use utils package section for the IME main package and its plug-in packages.

      • (Do not use misc.)

    • use pkg-ime-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org to communicate

    • use alioth VCS service under collab-maint group, if possible.

      • Do not to use package or group specific section of VCS system to make it easy for other DDs to contribute.
      • We still use pkg-ime group for many existing packages for historic reason. (This is acceptable.)

    • use git with git-buildpackge style archive organization, if possible. ( master + upstream + pristine-tar branches)

  • ibus packaging
    • plugin-executables: place them under /usr/lib/ for wheezy
      • For example, all ibus-family multiarch-forein plugin-executables use LIBEXECDIR=/usr/lib/ibus/
    • compat=9

Get involved

If you wish to join, please get alioth.debian.org account and request via its web interface at alioth and also send your message to the mailing list.

How-to's on collab-maint join requests on Alioth:

Developer status:

  • senior: active participation in jessie cycle expressed
  • junior: no response

More stuff