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 * '''User Guide''': [[InputMethodBuster|CJK Input Method on Debian Buster]]
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 * DebianPts:fcitx5 and its family of [[https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?packages=fcitx5+libime+fcitx5-gtk+fcitx5-qt+fcitx5-chinese-addons+kcm-fcitx5|packages]]

IME Packaging Team


Interacting with the team

Usual roles

Task description

Work and coordinate to provide the good Input_method infrastructure to the Debian desktop.

Typical candidates packages are:

Member requirements

The requirements to the members are the following (This is based on the de facto practice and only an tentative one.):

  • interested in maintaining the good IME packages on Debian. (No need to have packages)
  • abide by the Debian Social Contract.

  • willing to work with other people on the IME packaging team.
  • communicate publicly on this ML or BTS of packages. (Along with the social contract #3: "We will not hide problems")
  • Respect and follow the guidelines and best practices

Member guidelines

  • packaging activities
    • use utils package section for the IME main package and its plug-in packages.

      • (Do not use misc.)

    • subscribe to debian-input-method@lists.debian.org to be reachable (main communication channel)

    • use the salsa service to create a Git repository to host your packaging activity under one of the following sites:
      • https://salsa.debian.org/debian (Debian group write accessible by all DD)

        • If this is used, add "Debian Input Method Team"(input-method-team) to each project repository via its side panel: Settings -> Members -> "Share with Group" tab.

      • https://salsa.debian.org/input-method-team (Debian Input Method Team site write accessible by all Debian Input Method Team member)

        • If this is used, add "Debian"(debian) to each project repository via its side panel: Settings -> Members -> "Share with Group" tab.

        • In future, the whole projects belonging to this team will be set write accessible by all DD.
    • use git with gbp-buildpackge style archive organization, if possible. ( master + upstream + pristine-tar branches)

      • If branch name choices are different, add debian/gbp.conf file to the package.

      • If possible, use pristine-tar

    • respect contributors who make high quality serious packaging activity.
      • If you only update packages by using uscan mechanism and applying contributed patches, you should ask such a contributor to lead the maintenance. (I know it is hard to find such a contributor.)

  • packaging style
    • dh $@ style (post-dh7) must be used in debian/rules

    • multi-arch support as much as possible.
    • compat=11
    • plugin-executable location coordination:
      • For ibus-family packages, multi-arch-forein plugin-executable programs need to override the default with LIBEXECDIR=/usr/lib/ibus/ (please note there is no arch name)

Get involved

If you wish to join, please get salsa.debian.org account and request via its web interface at salsa and also send your message to the mailing list.

Developer status:

  • "Maintainer" for active member (last 2 years)

More stuff