pkg-ime: ibus TODO list

Brief description

This page summarizes status and TODOs for ibus related packages for the wheezy release.


Why /usr/lib/ibus for the plug-in executable

Unlike Fedora/RedHat, Debian does not use /usr/libexec directory for the plug-in executable. We should use directory under /usr/lib for both shared library and plug-in executable.

Thus, the autotools' ./configure script needs to be run with "--libexec=/usr/lib/ibus".

        dh_auto_configure -- --libexec=/usr/lib/ibus


There are few popular ones which is aimed for wheezy

ibus-python removal

This is done. (2014/June)

My removal plan and rationale:

The pinyin method has several similar functionality packages:


How to contribute?

Please send patches to the pertinent packages or post useful messages to the IME Packaging Team <>.