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 * '''Salsa Project''': https://salsa.debian.org/l10n-team

Debian I18n Team


  • Website

  • Salsa Project: https://salsa.debian.org/l10n-team

  • Alioth Project: http://alioth.debian.org/projects/debian-l10n

  • Unix group: debian-i18n

  • General mailing list: <debian-i18n AT lists DOT debian DOT org>

  • Development mailing list: <debian-l10n-devel AT lists DOT alioth DOT debian DOT org>

  • Services handled by the team:
    • I18n resources on host i18n.debian.net (soon to be moved on i18n.debian.org)
    • DDTP on host ddtp2.debian.net (soon to be moved as ddtp.debian.org)

Interacting with the team

  • Email contact: <debian-l10n-devel AT lists DOT alioth DOT debian DOT org>

  • Public IRC channel: #debian-i18n on irc.debian.org (OFTC)

Usual roles

  • ChristianPerrier (IRC nick bubulle) acts as overall i18n animator and guru

  • Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (IRC nick faw) handles team resources system administration

  • Nicolas François (IRC nick nekral) maintains the team's various scripts and robots
  • Simon Paillard (IRC nick symoon) is the team's interface with the WWW team
  • Martijn van Oosterhout (IRC nick kleptog) is in charge of the DDTSS (the DDTP web interface) and partly of the DDTP
  • Michael Bramer (IRC nick grisu) is in charge of the DDTP
  • Language coordinators (please notice that these positions are somehow informal : Debian l10n, just like other areas in Debian, is a do-ocracy where those who lead things are those who do things):

    • Brazilian Portuguese: Mailing list : <debian-l10n-portuguese AT lists DOT debian DOT org>

    • Czech: Mailing list : <debian-l10n-czech AT lists DOT debian DOT org>

    • Dutch: Mailing list : <debian-l10n-dutch AT lists DOT debian DOT org>

    • French: ChristianPerrier, David Prévot. Mailing list : <debian-l10n-french AT lists DOT debian DOT org>

    • German: Mailing list : <debian-l10n-german AT lists DOT debian DOT org>

    • Indonesian Mailing list : <debian-l10n-indonesian AT lists DOT debian DOT org>

    • Italian: Mailing list : <debian-l10n-italian AT lists DOT debian DOT org>

    • Portuguese: Mailing list : <traduz AT debianpt DOT org>

    • Russian: Mailing list : <debian-l10n-russian AT lists DOT debian DOT org>

    • Spanish: Mailing list : <debian-l10n-spanish AT lists DOT debian DOT org>

    • Swedish: Mailing list : <debian-l10n-swedish AT lists DOT debian DOT org>

    • Vietnamese: Mailing list : <debian-l10n-vietnamese AT lists DOT debian DOT org>

    • This list is not exhaustive. If "your" team is not listed here, please add it. If your team doesn't exist, create it!

Task description

The team maintains resources used to work on the localization and internationalization of several parts of the Debian Project

Get involved

  • {*} Involve yourself in one of the localization teams and start working on translations and reviews

  • {*}{*} Help documenting the internationlization and localization work

  • {*}{*}{*} Help setting up a more centralized l10n resources interface (services such as Weblate)