We're working on packaging GnuPG and related tools for Debian.

You can find us on the Alioth Project.

Packages that we maintain as a team:

Interacting with the team

Please post to the pkg-gnupg-maint mailing list.

If you use IRC, you can also join us on #debian-gnupg on

tracking changes to the packages

We're moving toward using git-buildpackage with pristine-tar to keep all packaging information under revision control. Join us!

For example, to check out package libgpg-error (replace libgpg-error with the name of the package you're interested in) and build it, do:

git clone git://
cd libgpg-error
gbp buildpackage -uc -us

Please commit local changes in the usual sensible, comprehensible steps!

If you're not a member of the team and want to propose your changes, you should install the git-email package, and:

git config
git send-email origin/master

If you're a member of the team and you want to push your changes:

git config remote.origin.pushurl
git push origin