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    * via penta, where all the debconf volunteers for the different internal teams are registered

contributors.debian.org website development

See http://contributors.debian.org/ for the instance currently deployed.

See also http://www.enricozini.org/2013/debian/debian-contributors-right-after-debconf/ for some background.

This website TODO list contains only those items that can clearly be worked on right now, and is used as coordination between the people working on the site.

Generic wishlists, things that require large changes in the site, or things that need a lot of discussion before being implemented, are tracked on the BTS.

TODO list

When a user is logged in, show the user log and the log of all its associated identifiers, so that they can audit what happened with their identity management.

The layout of the editing forms /sources/update/NAME can still be improved; errors should be laid out so they stand out, spacing is unnecessary.

Add an interface for people logged in to claim an email addresses, with a url being sent to that email address to confirm the claim. This needs a personal settings page, a new model for pending claims, the code to send the mail and a view to accept the confirmations.

Add a new Source.data_since field to Source, ?DateField(null=True), which when present means that there are contributors from before that date, but data is only available since that date. When showing contributions, if c.since<=data_since then show "Since records began" instead of a date.

Identifier.get_absolute_url with a page listing details about an identifier, like all known contributions.

Autodetect compression type from uploaded file name, if available. This allows to just use curl -F data=@file.json.gz without needing -F data_compression=gzip. Look into contributors/importer.py ValidatingDict.get_data: f is a Django ?UploadedFile object with a .name attribute.

During maintenance, scan names from GECOS / LDAP and add them to missing first/last names in User.

Desired data sources

  • dak

  • Debconf volunteers - not sure how to grab this?
    • via penta, where all the debconf volunteers for the different internal teams are registered
  • nm-site-devel (scanning git log, or the mailing list, should do)