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 * Data model : [[attachment:nm-dc.png]] (graphed with {{{sqlt-graph}}} from {{{manage.py sqlall contributors}}}

contributors.debian.org website development

See http://contributors.debian.org/ for the instance currently deployed.

See also http://www.enricozini.org/2013/debian/debian-contributors-right-after-debconf/ for some background.

This website TODO list contains only those items that can clearly be worked on right now, and is used as coordination between the people working on the site.

Generic wishlists, things that require large changes in the site, or things that need a lot of discussion before being implemented, are tracked on the BTS.

Milestone 1: proof of concept

Associate to each Source a list of one or more Users who can edit it. This will also act as a documentation for who to contact if it stops posting data. The ?ManyToManyField has been added, but the interface to add it on source creation and add/remove names is still missing.

To break it down:

  1. When a new source is created, associate the current User as its only 'admins' memer
  2. Add an interface to list the current admins to anyone logged in.
  3. Add an interface for admins to add or remove admins OR add an interface for a person logged in to add or remove themselves as admins for one source (this is probably easier)

Identifier.get_absolute_url with a page listing details about an identifier, like all known contributions.

Document how to create a data source (an example script to do it is in git.debian.org:~enrico/get-webteam-contributors

Milestone 2: moar data sources

Team submission health report, a page with each data source, the time data was last posted to it, and the time of the last known contribution.

Milestone 3: more identifiers

During maintenance, scan names from GECOS / LDAP and add them to missing first/last names in User.