The Debian Events team is responsible of the addition of upcoming events to the Debian website. This is a brief howto for members of the team.

The ''events'' section of the Debian website

Obtain a working copy

The Debian website is handled via the webwml CVS repository: in order to work on it, you'll need to:

cvs -d checkout -l webwml webwml/english
cvs -d checkout webwml/english/template webwml/Perl webwml/english/Pics webwml/english/events 

For more information on how CVS (and WML) work, please refer to the website documentation.

Overview of the events section

The events section of the Debian website is under the direct control of the Events team: this means that no one else is entitled to add or delete things, while minor correction and fixes are welcome.

This is a general overview of it, please look at the relevant part of the CVS repository if you need more details.

How to add an upcoming event

Assuming that you've already a working copy, you just need to:

cvs add $newfilename 

cvs commit -m "added new event" $newfilename

How to tag an event as past

After the event we need to manually tag it as past in order to not have it in the list of upcoming event. It would be great to automate this step (hint!). Please note that the first method is the preferred one, as it avoid to mess up all translations, but youcan use it only if you have a complete checkout (i.e. one with all languages).

If you have a complete checkout (i.e. with all languages)

We can use a script to change simple things (like wrong urls and or tags) in order to have it changed also in the translations and not only in the english file. This way we also avoid that the system mark translations as outdated. For this, we need to use the webwml/ script. For more information on how to use this script please see the website documentation (scroll down to the "Update translation too, if possible" paragraph. You can use this script only if you have a complete checkout (i.e. with all languages, not only english). Below an example on how to use it for tagging events as past:

cd webwml 

./ -v -s "s,#use wml::debian::event,#use wml::debian::past_event,g" path-to-the-event-file

cvs diff -u */events/$year/$filename 

cvs commit -m "[smart-change] added past-tag" */events/$year/$filename

If you have a partial checkout (with only the english language)