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There is a Debian Events Box which can be requested from sylvestre@debian.org . It contains
 * [[http://www.asus.com/Allinone_PCs/20_inch/ET2011EGT/|ASUS All-in-One EeeTop ET2011EGT]] and wired keyboard/mouse
 * lockable cash box

== History ==
''This will be deleted when I am done reorganizing the page -- AW''

This was already announced back in [[http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/%3c87tyg2g6ed.fsf%40gismo.pca.it%3e|February 2011]] (blame [[LucaCapello]]...) and it is something that Debian really needs. Two perfect examples are the [[https://live.gnome.org/GnomeEventsBox|European]] and [[https://live.gnome.org/GnomeEventsBox/NAGnomeEventBox|North America]] GNOME Events Boxes (thanks to Annette for the links).

All the material in the box should be available according to the [[http://www.debian.org/social_contract#guidelines|The Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG)]], thus there should be a [[../DebianEventsPackage|debian-events-box package]] in the Debian archive containing all this kind of stuff (quite surely under the [[Teams/Publicity|Publicity]] umbrella).

== absolutely needed ==

Prices are indicative as found on Google: in case of multiple models, an average prices was inserted.

 * [300 USD][14.0 kg] 1x case
   * --(2x [[http://pelican.com/cases_detail.php?Case=1500|Pelicase PL-1500]] (432*290*155mm) are available from the [[http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/%3c20110719221047.GA9655%40upsilon.cc%3e|video team]])--
     * [[LucaCapello]]: they are really too small, i.e. one is not enough for everything (not event for the 17" LCD) and moreover they do not have any wheels
   * [[http://pelican.com/cases_detail.php?Case=1650|Pelicase PL-1650]] (72.5 x 44.5 x 27 cm) seems to be the best option, given that the [[http://pelican.com/cases_detail.php?Case=1660|Pelicase PL-1660]] (71.6 x 49.9 x 44.8 cm) looks too deep
 * [DONE][752 CHF][6.8 kg] 1x [[http://www.asus.com/Allinone_PCs/20_inch/ET2011EGT/|ASUS All-in-One EeeTop ET2011EGT]] ([[DebianBug:680318|wheezy installation report]]), 20" LCD and wired keyboard/mouse
   * --(when helping organizing booths, [[XTaran|Axel Beckert]] usually brings his [[https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/FOSDEM/2011?action=recall&rev=1|ASUS EeeBox]])--
     * LucaCapello: there is no EeeBox with CPU with hardware virtualization support
   * given that it will run [[DebianInstaller/BabelBox|BabelBox]] in a VM, the CPU should have hardware virtualization support
     * LucaCapello: the ET2011EGT has an [[http://ark.intel.com/products/42802/Intel-Pentium-Processor-E5800-%282M-Cache-3_20-GHz-800-MHz-FSB%29|Intel Pentium Dual Core E5800]] with VT-x support
       * LucaCapello: unfortunately, VT-x is disabled in BIOS 0315
         * LucaCapello: VirtualBox seems to allow hardware virtualization
   * [[LucaCapello]]: a projector could also be useful, but not in all situation, given the need for a whiteboard
   * [[StefanoZacchiroli]]: the GNOME folks seem to use ''wireless'' stuff for this; they are more expensive but I can see how they could help in 1) keeping clean the booth table and 2) allowing people to play with the OS more easily...
     * [[LucaCapello]]: I see at least two disadvantages with ''wireless'' keyboard/mouse as 1) they can ben stolen more easily and 2) they can ran out of batteries (which means that the box's keeper should check them before shipment)
 * [070 USD][00.5 kg] 1x Wi-Fi AP with a 4-port hub
   * [[http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Wireless|Buffalo WHR-G54]] (used at DebConf)
 * [020 USD][01.0 kg] 2+ power strips with worldwide adapter
   * "related" plugs should be connected to the same strip to avoid spare cables around the booth
 * [020 USD][01.0 kg] various network/VGA/USB cables
 * [DONE][000 USD][00.5 kg] lockable cash box
   * debian.ch has two of them, one bought for the [[http://www.debian.org/events/2010/1030-minidebconf-paris|Paris Mini-DebConf 2010]] and the other one for [[DebConf11]]
 * [010 USD][00.5 kg] [[http://debian-flyers.alioth.debian.org/|debian-flyers]] - [[https://wiki.debian.org/Promote/PrintAdvertising|Print Advertising]]
   * at least in English, better if both in English and the main language the event is taking place in
   * [[LucaCapello]]: posters are useful as well, but we need a whiteboard or a foldable panel, which will not fit into the case
   * [[LucaCapello]]: a leafleft rack is very much needed (e.g. for [[http://fosdem.org/|FOSDEM]]), but it will quitely sure not fit the Pelicase PL-1650.
      * [[LucaCapello]]: leafleft racks (AKA roll-ups) with the [[DebianArt/Themes/Joy|Joy theme]] are now available: one for the Americas and one for Europe.
   * [[http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/4E2AC61E.7030106%40schmehl.info|AlexanderReichle-Schmehl]]: we should also have general Debian business cards with some useful links, and and the backside space for notes for the visitor ;)

 * [000 USD][01.0 kg] T-Shirts for the booth staff

 * [015 USD][01.5 kg] 2 Kensington-compatible locks. I'm not very sure about the weight. Three or more keys per lock would be a plus.

The total price sums up to 785 USD, obviously for a '''single''' box, thus to be finally multiplied by two.

The total weight sums up to 25.5 kg for a '''single''' box. All the major companies (USPS, DHL, FedEx and UPS) need to know the sending/receiving postal codes to obtain a shipping quote.
 * [[LucaCapello]]: the Swiss Post uses TNT for express delivery. Prices for 30 kg and 100 x 60 x 60 cm within nearby (zone 1) and island or farther (zone 2) Europe are around 105 and 160 USD for [[http://www.poste.ch/en/post-startseite/post-privatkunden/post-versenden/post-pakete-international/post-preise-pk-pakete-international/post-preise-priority-pakete-international.htm|Priority]] (up to 10 days) shipment and 85 and 130 USD for [[http://www.poste.ch/en/post-startseite/post-privatkunden/post-versenden/post-pakete-international/post-preise-pk-pakete-international/post-preise-economy-pakete-international.htm|Economy]] (up to 20 days), respectively, including automatic insurance up to 1200 USD, but electronic equipment are excluded from the liability. ''NB, the prices above are for private customers.''

== merchandise ==

[[Merchandise|These stuff]] are intended to be sold, not all of them could be included in the main box:

 * foilstickers
 * T-Shirts - [[http://www.debianart.org/cchost/?ccm=/tags/tshirt|DebianArt proposals]]
 * [[http://cdimage.debian.org|d-i multi-arch]] or [[http://live.debian.net|live]] CDs/DVDs
   * at [[http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/%3c87bp0rxlwq.fsf%40gismo.pca.it%3e|Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2011]] there were 32-bit DVDs given away for a simbolic price

== stuff to do with a demo box ==

Thanks to [[http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/%3c4E269281.2080802%40debian.org%3e|Alexander]]! The following should be done automatically by the [[../DebianEventsPackage|debian-events-box package]], something like

# apt-get install debian-events-box
# debian-events-box setup

 * Create a Demo-User with all sudo-rights on everything.
 * Install DebianPkg:LibreOffice.
   * [[http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/%3c4E26DB3C.5060002%40schmehl.info%3e|AlexanderReichle-Schmehl]]: the [[../DebianEventsPackage|debian-events-box]] package should add the Debian squeeze backports and auto-install LibreOffice from [[http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/%3c20110623212730.GA3526%40melusine.alphascorpii.net%3e|there]]
 * Use [[http://people.debian.org/~tolimar/debian-expo.odp|Alexander's presentation]]; it contains a makro, which with you can run in endlessly.
 * Install DebianPkg:virtualbox and in it a [[DebianInstaller/BabelBox|BabelBox]].
   * why not libvirt + QEMU/KVM?
     * LucaCapello: VirtualBox seems to not rely on /dev/kvm for hardware virtualization, thus it works even when KVM is disabled in the BIOS
 * Install DebianPkg:xpenguins and DebianPkg:xpenguins-applet (often a good eyecatcher).
 * Check if [[http://www.debian.org/mirror/|local mirror]] works.
   * I usually have a local mirror with me on expos. If you have to show something to a visitor, you don't want him to wait till you finished download a dozens of packages via slow conference lan ;)
     * +1 on this: usually we have ASUS WL-500g router running DebWrt with an external hard-drive serving a full up-to-date mirror
   * use either cdn.debian.net or [[http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/%3c20110310195547.GA24278%40localhost%3e|internal APT mirror resolver]]
 * Provide a small GUI to burn CD/DVD/BluRay images and/or make a bootable USB-stick, yet to be coded.
 * Provide ready-to-copy-and-import (in VirtualBox) virtual appliance so people could give a try to Debian without even rebooting their non-Debian systems
   * We have been doing that with [[http://neuro.debian.net/vm.html|NeuroDebian Virtual Appliance]] with good success

Some random ideas of for improvement of the above:

  * Is there a way to automate setting up the babelbox?
    * check Lars's [[http://blog.liw.fi/posts/vmdebootstrap-2|vmdebootstrap]] and [[http://blog.liw.fi/posts/fboxlite/|fboxlite]]
  * Is there a way to enter the name of the conference and languages to be displayed for the presentation without having to edit it?
    * [[http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/%3c20110720134935.GW9394%40mykerinos.kheops.frmug.org%3e|ChristianPerrier]]: without having to edit "it" ("it" being the babelbox), I don't think so, but an external script that would make this happen is probably possible.
  * Is there a way to include (random) comments from the users of out user list on the web?
    * [[http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/%3c20110720134935.GW9394%40mykerinos.kheops.frmug.org%3e|ChristianPerrier]]: This, I'm less sure about.. :)
    * [[http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/%3c20110720140934.GB10833%40upsilon.cc%3e|StefanoZacchiroli]]: check out the Identi.ca Debian [[http://identi.ca/tag/debian|tag]] and [[http://identi.ca/group/debian|group]] feeds, but they could include both positive and negative dents
    * [[http://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/%3c4E26DB3C.5060002%40schmehl.info%3e|AlexanderReichle-Schmehl]]: we have a nice list of users at [[http://www.debian.org/users/]] including a (more or less small) comment, why they choose Debian
There is a Debian Events Box which can be requested from sylvestre@debian.org . It consists of an [[http://www.asus.com/Allinone_PCs/20_inch/ET2011EGT/|ASUS All-in-One EeeTop ET2011EGT]] and wired keyboard/mouse.

Debian Events Box

There is a Debian Events Box which can be requested from sylvestre@debian.org . It consists of an ASUS All-in-One EeeTop ET2011EGT and wired keyboard/mouse.