Debian Events Box

There is a Debian Events Box which can be requested from . It consists of an ASUS All-in-One EeeTop ET2011EGT and wired keyboard/mouse.

Virtual Events Box

While at DebConf 15 we have decided to revive the "Event Box" idea but with a different flavor. Provide a list of materials and sources for them so they could be reproduced locally (or from online vendors), and establish a HOWTO to help new exhibitors possibly with good ideas on how to setup an exhibit booth.

Interesting giveaways

For Debian community members

Booth setups


Generate a repository collating all necessary materials for above items (banner designs, stickers, LIVE CD configuration, whatnot) so it is easy to use and update it.

Events to "participate" in

Especially if you already have exhibit setup available, it makes sense to participate in various possibly distributed events