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     * DONE 20121012: http://lists.debian.org/87vceg3qxo.fsf@gismo.pca.it

Debian Events Team ToDo for DebConf12

A good starting point woudl be the DebConf11 BoF (scheduled event or report).


  • major/minor events (including sprints/talks/IRC-meetings)
  • submission form
  • instructions: what can be there
  • "virtual" shop
  • IRC channel #debian-events on irc.debian.org
  • searchable database for talks
  • define a policy for event locations



  • license
  • SVG in DebianEventsPackage

  • compile the census of who produce[s|d] what
  • add page about trusted organization (discuss with Auditors)
  • add trusted organization field on merchandise vendors page


  • read-only <debian-events-announce@lists.debian.org>, posting allowed from Events and Press members only

  • blog posts following <debian-events-announce@lists.debian.org>

  • re-state that everything should be sent to <events@debian.org>

  • clarify the distinction between 'events@d.o' and 'debian-events-*@lists.d.o'