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 * UsingSymbolsFiles
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   * [[/ReviewMergeQueue|ReviewMergeQueue]]: patches/branches to be reviewed, updated and merged.
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 * Proposals:
   * [[/Proposals/ConffileDatabase]]
   * DpkgDebconfIntegration
 * Old projects:
   * [[https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/1999/07/msg00012.html|DpkgV2 specs]].
   * [[http://multiarch.alioth.debian.org/dpkg2.pdf|dpkg 2.0]].
 * Current proposals (no endorsement implied by items being present in the list):
   * The eternal dpkg 2.0 rewrite:
     * [[https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/1999/07/msg00012.html|Ben Collins & Wichert Akkerman's dpkg v2 spec]].
     * [[http://multiarch.alioth.debian.org/dpkg2.pdf|Scott James Remnant's dpkg 2.0 spec]].
   * Conffile handling improvements:
     * DpkgDebconfIntegration
     * [[/Proposals/ConffileDatabase]]
     * SummerOfCode2008/MergeMaster
   * .deb format:
     * [[i18n/TranslationDebs]]
     * [[i18n/TranslationDebsDebconfMeeting]]
     * [[http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep4/|DEP-4 (tdebs spec)]]
     * UdebSupport
     * [[Projects/DebSrcData]]
   * SummerOfCode2011/DeclarativeDiversions
   * CrossTranslatableBuildDeps
   * ReproducibleBuilds/BuildinfoSpecification
 * Superseded proposals:
   * DpkgPostpone
   * GitSrc
 * Finished projects (from dpkg PoV):
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   * DpkgTriggers
   * DpkgHomepageFieldTransition
   * BuildProfileSpec
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 * [[/ReviewMergeQueue|ReviewMergeQueue]]: patches/branches to be reviewed, updated and merged.

Dpkg Team

Task description

The team is in charge of the dpkg package manager. It maintains it and develops new features.


Interacting with the team

  • Development mailing list: <debian-dpkg  AT lists DOT debian DOT org> (subscribe form)

  • Request tracker: default view / by program / by class of problem / old view

  • Public IRC channel: there is #debian-dpkg on irc.debian.org (OFTC) but none of the dpkg maintainers are there, thus please use the mailing list or the bug tracking system.

Usual roles

  • GuillemJover (guillem) is the primary developer.

  • Many other translators have commit access to maintain their translations.
  • Several other contributors provide occasional patches/branches.

Get involved

See the Contribute page, and check the following links:


Projects tracked on the wiki



Sprints, Summits


  • When we switched to git, we tried to integrate as much history as possible. You'll find the data and scripts used for that purpose here.

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