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 * [[/GitUsage|GitUsage]]: recommandations for handling the Git repository  * [[/GitUsage|GitUsage]]: recommendations for handling the Git repository

Dpkg Team

Task description

The team is in charge of the dpkg package manager. It maintains it and develop new features.


Interacting with the team

Get involved

See the Contribute page.

Usual roles

  • GuillemJover (braindmg) is the team leader, he tends to concentrate on dpkg itself.

  • RaphaelHertzog (buxy) contributed a lot to dpkg-dev but has worked on dpkg itself too.

  • Christian Perrier (bubulle) coordinates the translations.
  • Many other translators have commit access to maintain their translations.
  • Several other contributors provide occasional patches/branches.

More stuff

Projects tracked on the wiki

Support the project

You can Flattr the work done by RaphaelHertzog on dpkg: Flattr dpkg developers

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