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This proposal is about making common install/upgrade/remove operations in binary packages declarative. In particular, it aims to remove many of the common needs for maintainer scripts.

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Recent examples of this are 685734, 822462, https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2015/08/msg00412.html


This specification consists of many "smaller" projects to replace maintainer scripts (or other imperative packaging methods).

TODO: Review and add items from https://lists.debian.org/debian-dpkg/2015/08/msg00031.html

Integrate dpkg-maintscript-helper features into dpkg

Methods in dpkg-maintscript-helper are basically features that ought to have been in dpkg.

Declarative diversions

Please see the mail reference above. There was also a failed GSoC some time ago SummerOfCode2011/DeclarativeDiversions.

Declarative update-inetd

The update-inetd package is being modified to support two types of declarative definitions in TOML format:

Declarative packaging modules

A lot of packages have common functionality that is not directly specific to what dpkg should provide. As an example, start/stop/restart of services.

If we could outsource such functionality, then other packages could provide a declarative function that other packages can depend on. It could be used for:

Such declarative modules should probably be very restricted in their requirements (e.g. only need essential packages).

Get rid of incomplete/indirect "triggers"

We got some (possible) indirect triggers where a tool has been rewritten to call dpkg-trigger instead. Presumably these should migrate to "activate(-noawait)" triggers instead of requiring a shell script.

Possible instances:

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