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The purpose of this page is to get parts of debconf better integrated into dpkg. One reason to do this is so we don't have to redo the same nasty hacks in cdebconf when we replace debconf with it. -- JoeyHess

Running config scripts

Currently accomplished by evil hacks in /usr/share/debconf/frontend, which is run when a postinst or preinst is run.

dpkg could be taught about config script and debconf template files, and use an interface or hook to communicate with debconf. Debconf's requirements of such an interface or hook are:


Has dpkg in its name, but is so tightly wed to the debconf libraries that it really has nothing to do with dpkg.

dpkg --preconfigure could exec it :-)


In apt, use by dpkg-preconfigure, could go to dpkg. Impact on debconf if it does is small.


Similar to dpkg-preconfigure.