Debian XML/SGML Group

Task description

Collaborative XML/SGML packaging effort for Debian.


Interacting with the team

Get involved


Tasks, if you have basic knowledge about XML/?SGML:

Help with packaging.

There are several packages, which have been orphaned or where the maintainer is MIA. This currently includes all packages maintained by Mark Johnson in the past.

Help fixing bugs.

There are several bugs open. If you are interested, just send patches or maintain a package.


Tasks, if you have good knowledge about XML/?SGML and their systems in Debian:

Improve the Debian XML and ?SGML policies.

Check the documentation for things to improve.

Improve dh_installxmlcatalogs to read catalogs itself.

The debhelper script currently needs to know all public and system IDs, that should be registered. It would make things a lot easier to parse catalog files directly. Something like package;catalog.xml. This should extract all system and public identifiers and do an local;catalog.xml;INSTALLED_CATALOG and package;system;SYSTEMID;INSTALLED_CATALOG on the fly, so maintainers do not need to do this by hand. Such a solution needs an additional option to avoid the registration of IDs found in the catalog.


Tasks, if you have deep knowledge of the XML/?SGML (related) systems (used in Debian). This includes knowedge about the policy drafts:

will be added

More stuff

will be added