Debian Wiki Team


Interacting with the team

Usual roles

There are 4 kinds of roles. Someone can handle multiple roles:

Also, DSA team manages the machine hosting the wiki.


you can help us

easy tasks

more advanced tasks

See also: Helping with

for Wiki administrators

Remove spam and spammers

Watch RecentChanges for spam and when you find some, login to the wiki server and perform the following steps:

$ PATH=$PATH:/srv/
$ kill-spammer "Some user"
$ touch /srv/
$ whois
$ mail

Contacting the abuse address for the IP address is a good idea but is optional.

More stuff

Bits from Teams/DebianWiki

It is well past time we did a "bits from ..." mai!

DebConf BoF(s)

Any topics?

ikiwiki? ...


?DebianBug links

other cool stuff that is unused

Call for help

If you see spam on the wiki, please ping one of the members of the wikiadm group so that the account can be disabled and the IP address banned. More details at DebianWiki/DealingWithSpam

Future directions

licensing stuff? ikiwiki? more work on moin? Add tracking for a core set of pages to get them reviewed regularly? Sledge has a Category tracking script that might help.