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 * Install and upkeep these services until the DSA team would rather do so  * Install and upkeep these services

Welcome to the Debian Social Team

*Please note:* This page is still in an early form, take anything said here with a grain of salt.


The Debian social team aims to run a few services under the social.debian.org subdomain.

Plans so far is to include:

  • pleroma - a fereated microblogging platform
  • peertube - a federated video sharing platform
  • pixelfed - a federated image sharing platform

And potentially more to come in the future.

The Debian social team aims to:

  • Maintain policy on what can be posted in terms of content on these platforms (adherence to CoC and other Debian social standards, advertisements, etc)
  • Install and upkeep these services
  • Moderate content and train volunteers who are willing to help moderated content
  • Motivate community members to contribute their content to these platforms

Some use cases or needs that we aim to address


  • Create a safe space where Debian developers and contributors can keep in touch.


  • Share photos from DebConf on our pixelfed instance, this is a better alternative than only posting them to Instagram or Facebook. Many photos also get posted to Telegram groups, which are very ephemeral and difficult to share from on the web.

  • Share photos from meetups and sprints that are happening around the world so that other members can follow and keep up and feel included in the community


  • Upload tutorial and howto videos. Many great video howtos are created but get lost in the ocean of youtube.
  • Record podcasts covering Debian topics, interview members and historical figures.

Team Admins

  • Jonathan Carter


Sign up here if you're interested in helping out, with a brief description of what you're interested in (content, moderation, maintaining services, etc).


  • The next meeting is TBA!


There is a lot of work ahead before the first service can even go live, if you're enthusiastic about these services, we ask you to please be patient.

Phase 0 (Mid 2019):

  • Get a machine to host services on. DSA might be able to provide us one, we could rent one, and a DD is contacting a hosting provider to check whether they could assist us.
  • Agree on how we want to implement these services (containers, VMs, how to document, etc)

Phase 1 (Late 2019):

Phase 2 (Q1 2020):