Debian Shibboleth Packaging


Interacting with the team

The Debian Shibboleth team is a pure packaging team, maintaining Shibboleth-related packages in Debian. Our primary interaction method is therefore via the Debian bug tracking system for the packages that we maintain. If you see anything wrong with the packages or have any requests, please file a bug against the relevant package.

To discuss more general issues around Shibboleth in Debian, join the mailing list mentioned above.

Usual roles

Task description

The Debian Shibboleth team maintains packages for Shibboleth and its prerequisites and supporting libraries. Currently that includes log4shib, xml-security-c, xmltooling and opensaml, as well as the shibboleth-sp package.

Get involved

The best way to get started with improving the existing packages is to file bugs about problems that you see and work on patches for those problems. If you're interested in helping on an ongoing basis, create a Salsa account (if you don't already have one) and then request to join the Shibboleth Team.

The biggest gap in the current packages in Debian is the lack of IdP packages. If you know how to package Java software and have familiarity with Tomcat (or are willing to do research to learn), we'd love to welcome anyone interested in working on IdP packages. Russ has internal packages used at Stanford that could serve as a starting point, but currently only for Shibboleth 1.x and they'll need extensive work to untangle the Java dependencies and use already-packaged versions of the libraries.

Source Control

The Shibboleth packaging team uses Git to maintain all of its packages, using the repository layout and techniques described on Russ's Git notes page.