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Salt Packaging Team

Our aims are to support packaging of the FOSS configuration management automation software Salt and other Salt tools (salt-api, salt-cloud etc) for Debian and subsequently Ubuntu.

Most of the information below is for the team to learn, agree and standardize on processes for setting up and working with the repository we will use for packaging. Although it contains information that may be useful for building your own salt packages, that is not the intention at this stage.

Salt has been packaged since Debian 8 "jessie"! For alternate installation info one can reference .

If you wish to be involved, the best approach is probably to join the mailing list.


Interacting with the team

Task description

Packaging of Salt and related projects.


Day to Day work

In your working location, either:

gbp pull 


git pull --all
git pull --tags

Do work, then commit and push:

git push --all
git push --tags

Importing a new salt release

gbp import-orig ../salt_2016.11.8+dfsg1.orig.tar.gz --pristine-tar

Patching the repository

Depending on the need, this should either be done by using quilt ( or by modifing the debian/rules file.

In a recent (and educational) example, the rm was added at the end of the override_dh_installdocs chunk to delete the .DS_Store file after the files were copied into the temporary packaging location (dh_install/dh_installdocs step) but before being packaged into the .deb file.

rm -r was used rather than rm -rf (force) so that when a fixed upstream release is made, this will fail and the patch can be removed.

The extract from debian/rules can be seen below:

        # Remove embedded copies of javascript libs
        for f in $(JS_FILES) ; do \
                cd debian/salt-doc/usr/share/doc/salt/html/_static/ \
                  && rm $${f}.js \
                  && ln -s ../../../../javascript/sphinxdoc/1.0/$${f}.js . \
                  && cd $(CURDIR) ; \
        done ;
        # Remove stray .DS_Store file
        rm -r debian/salt-doc/usr/share/doc/salt/html/_static/fonts/.DS_Store

Building the packages

Is this the best? Some people use pbuilder - should that be our standard process?

gbp dch --id-length=7

gbp buildpackage  -us -uc

Once you are happy with the packages

gbp buildpackage --git-tag -us -uc
git push --all
git push --tag

Cloning the repo down

As it is a git-buildpackage repo, the following will clone the branches down properly:

gbp clone git+ssh://

Testing the packages

  1. Install on sufficiently clean system
  2. Uninstall
  3. Install previous version
  4. Upgrade to new package
  5. Test basic package functionality


If we backport to squeeze, we may need to be aware of 698901


  1. Use of git and git-buildpackage for VCS

Proposed Decisions