On january 17th 2019, as a fresh newcomer in the group, I (Cyrille) proposed to try and improve the Debian Perl Group's websites (ie: wiki and homepage) to the mailing-list (see

The feedback was quite positive and some discussion started on the mailing list.

Since it's hard to keep track of all the opinions and decisions taken within the mailing list, I've created this page to try and keep these centralised and easily accessible.

This page is a work in progess.

Main goals

Improve documentation (organisation, content, presentation,...) to:

  1. Better support newcomers who make their first contribution, co-maintaining packages with the Debian Perl Group (DPG).
  2. Allow existing maintainer to easily find relevant informations for their day-to-day activities.

Main issues identified

The following main issues have been identified as impending swift inital contributions by newcomers:

  1. This wiki and the DPG's homepage have somewhat redundant and conflicting informations;

  2. Some information displayed on this wiki and the DPG's homepage is in fact maintained as POD docs in DPG's tooling (e.g. pkg-perl-tools). As a result, these informations on this wiki and the homepage may be obsolete;
  3. Some duplicate or even contradicting information has accumulated in the wiki and on the website.


The following strategy is proposed to reach these goals:

  1. Better segregate the purpose and content of this wiki and the homepage: This wiki should be targeted for quick edits, task lists, "scratch pads", TODO lists,... while the homepage should be intended for more static, generic, and "official" information;
  2. Automate the synchronisation of information displayed on the homepage whose authoritative source is the DPG's tooling;
  3. Manual cleaning.


Though nothing is ever set in stone here, it often helps to write things down to ensure the best common understanding possible.

With this in mind, I believe the following decisions have been made:

  1. The strategy is agreed;
  2. The inital proposal that I sent on the mailing list (, see attachements) is taken as basis for discussion for implementing the strategy;

  3. TODO: The welcome pages shall be moved on the team's website.
  4. TODO: In the inital proposal (decision 2), enhance the text linking to the homepage a little so people know what kind of references they can find there (goals,contact, policies, howtos, talks, etc).
  5. TODO: change the link to the man page of dh-make-perl (

  6. TODO: Add a link to the manpage of dpt (

Open discussions

The following discussions are in progress (lists are to be read in chronological order from oldest (top of the list) to newest (bottom of the list)):

Should we still reference PET?

Is still used?

What's the purpose of pkg-perl-tools?

What's the purpose of this link: "Debian Perl Group on Launchpad "

Other issues

Other issues you might have with the Wiki or the homepage can be listed here, they will be considered, and, eventually moved to the "open discussion paragraph", and then, finaly, to the "Decisions" paragraph: