Debian Perl Group - Open tasks

This page collects ideas for tasks within the Teams/DebianPerlGroup. These tasks can be worked on at DebCamp or might be tackled by volunteers "at home".

It should have an up to date list of open tasks, please remove completed tasks; for documentation please add links to the History section below (instead of adding them in between the tasks here).

Policy / issues for discussion (DebConf BoF)

See debconf13/bof/Perl for meeting preparation work.

Release-critical bugs



List of tasks that need to be performed on all/many of our packages; or maintenance tools ...


(not exclusively a pkg-perl topic but still)

We more or less decided to focus on PET, among our tools that need love, during the DebConf12-DebConf13 year.

PET was moved to Alioth, and a virtual package was set up in the BTS:





Recurring tasks

When a new Perl hits unstable

When oldstable is archived

Background tasks

Things that would be nice to do, often repetitive. Can be done globally, or every time you work on a specific package.

Nice to have, some day