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 * [[http://lists.debian.org/debian-perl/2009/07/msg00037.html|Minutes]] from the first meeting at DebCamp in July 2009.

Debian Perl Group - Open tasks

This page collects ideas for tasks within the Teams/DebianPerlGroup. These tasks can be worked on at DebCamp or might be tackled by volunteers "at home".


  • The previous list of tasks on this page has been discussed during DebCamp in August 2008. The minutes of the meeting are available in the archive of the debian-perl mailing list.

  • Minutes from the first meeting at DebCamp in July 2009.


List of issues that affect our work mode and need discussion.

  • Investigate possible migration from Subversion to Git. → Going forward, although nobody here has really worked on a project with thousands of Git submodules
  • (build-)depending on perl or perl-modules → We should drop the >=5.6 version requirement on perl, and just specify the versin where there is a real requirement. The oldest available release (in oldstable) is 5.8.8 or so


List of tasks that need to be performed on all/many of our packages; or maintainance tools ...

  • Work out how the applications "branch"/git repo really works.
  • Finish or just use the "unified" debian/rules (for packages with and without quilt).
  • Create the header/identifier for debian/rules that allows mass-updates.
  • Clean up the "New Packages - Work in Progress" (i.e. never uploaded) list of packages in PET. → gregoa has done it in the past, should be a periodic rite
  • Review the "Newer upstream available - Work in Progress" section in PET and file ITPs for missing packages etc. → Add a section for packages that are pending and that have not been touched for too long
  • Rename all source packages to lib*-perl. → Check with ftp-masters whether it is as easy as uploading the new packages. Seems basically trivial.
  • Rewrite packagecheck (in Perl, modular, maybe not only for pkg-perl)
  • Patches:
    • forward all (non Debian specific) patches upstream and add the CPAN RT ids to the patch headers → This can follow DEP3 once it is accepted
      • maybe we need a tool?
    • patch naming convention?
  • Fix common lintian-errors repo-wide (e.g. errors from pod2man, missing patch descriptions, ...)
  • Investigate possible migration from Subversion to Git.
  • Policy 3.8.2: mass update packages? → Very old standards-versions might warrant (just for QA work) to be updated, as they were built with very old toolchains. We should at least check packages that have not been updated since Sarge release.
  • Unify the various debian/repack.{sh,pl} scripts.
  • Lenny is out!
    • remove transitional dummy packages → Who is tracking them? We have to identify them
    • remove (?) B-D on "perl-modules (>= 5.10) | libFOO-perl"

  • Upload all half-adopted packages (rationale: old maintainers don't want to get bug reports, we do) → Every adopted package should warrant an immediate upload, as it carries important informations.


  • continue breaking it to isolated modules
  • make POD coverage pass (by completing the docs)
  • TODO

  • bugs

→ Damyan is "slowly" (quoting him) but steadily achieving this; he strongly invites us all to participate