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 * Ideas for '''jenkings''' jobs?  * Ideas for '''jenkins''' jobs?

Debian Perl Group - Open tasks

This page collects ideas for tasks within the Teams/DebianPerlGroup. These tasks can be worked on at DebCamp or might be tackled by volunteers "at home".

It should have an up to date list of open tasks, please remove completed tasks; for documentation please add links to the History section below (instead of adding them in between the tasks here).

Policy / issues for discussion (DebConf BoF)

See debconf13/bof/Perl on gobby.debian.org (apt-get install gobby) for meeting preparation work.

  • Say Hi! to the people folllowing along at home.

  • Who writes minutes, who monitors IRC (#debian-perl)?

  • The Lancaster Consensus and its relevance for us

  • Two years git - experiences, needs for clarifying, streamlining, improving workflows?

  • Debian Maintainers: the concept changed, do we want to revisit our policy of non-usage?

  • Low-hanging fruits meetings: spend a while together on many small tasks that take less than 2 hours each, and are waiting in the TODO list for too long. Proposal: have a low-hanging fruits meeting every second month, or every second month. Means and goals:

    1. Welcome newcomers <= have one or three experienced team members stay available to match tasks to people and answer questions.

    2. Direct communication & coordination between team members => light workflow, feeling that things are going smoothly.

    3. Get this warm feeling of working together (=> Feel Good™, get the motivation to tackle less fun tasks).

  • pkg-perl-tools package

  • lintian profile (see below)

  • Status report of the Perl 5.18 migration (\o/)

  • Ideas for jenkins jobs?

  • cstamas' agenda

  • add your items here. or above.

Release-critical bugs


  • perl 5.16 transition: for Jessie, fix bugs: fix bugs and forward upstream

  • perl 5.18 transition: for Jessie, fix bugs: fix bugs and forward upstream


List of tasks that need to be performed on all/many of our packages; or maintenance tools ...

  • Finish uploading packages where the version in the archive doesn't have the group as the maintainer (i.e. adopted packages etc.):
    • build the list of such packages: compare the packages in Git with Sources.gz and check if any of the packages in our repo still has a version in the archive which has the old maintainer http://lists.debian.org/debian-perl/2012/07/msg00015.html

    • subscribe our -maintainers ML to the PTS of these packages so that we get their bug reports [done]
    • after Wheezy is released: upload these packages, eventually
    • * remaining packages, with this and other TODO items: google-apps, libnet-inet6glue-perl, libnet-traceroute-pureperl-perl.
  • bundle packages: just do it, and see what happens (notes: pkg-components, ftp-master clarification)

  • QA: cast to pointer from integer of different size: file bugs/fix (http://lists.debian.org/debian-perl/2012/02/msg00029.html)

  • Package an awesome Moo development environment, push to remove software that use the (deprecated) Mouse or Any::Moose towards moving to Moo, and remove Mouse and Any::Moose in Jessie.
  • Sort out the future of DateTime::?TimeZone respectively its successorslast mail from upstream.

  • dpkg uses xz compression now for the .deb, so we can remove the dh_builddeb -- -Zxz in debian/rules.


(not exclusively a pkg-perl topic but still)

We more or less decided to focus on PET, among our tools that need love, during the DebConf12-DebConf13 year.

To be done:

  • list (and possibly implement -- in Python) features we need in PET:
    • track patches
    • others?



  • find a co-maintainer for dh-make-perl
  • continue breaking it into isolated modules
  • improve POD coverage
  • TODO

  • bugs

  • combine dh-make-perl's "refresh" with cme's update functionality


  • Rewrite packagecheck (in Perl, modular, maybe not only for pkg-perl)
    • packagecheck provides some function of "cme check dpkg". It may be better to improve dpkg model taking into account our needs (dod)

  • lintian checks or a lintian vendor profile or something similar; list of things we could want to check here:
    • uploading d/changelog with unresolved TODO / WAITS-FOR / IGNORE-VERSION / etc.
    • debhelper versions for arch:any and arch:all
    • boilerplate README
    • metacpan URLs
    • watchfile regexp


Recurring tasks

  • Check RFP/ITP packages

  • Yearly cleanup (remove packages from Git that were injected but never finished for upload)
    • retrieve the list is taken from PET ("New packages" section)

    • send the list to our mailing-list, with some deadline (example email)

    • wait until the deadline expires
    • delete the Git repositories using the remove-repository script

      • [Last cleanup: DebConf12, current cleanup started: 2013-08-07, gregoa]

  • Next alioth project member ping: send a "ping" ("Do you still want to be a member?") to those who haven't done something for $time, and remove those who reply with "No" or who don't reply. In order to get a more realistic picture, and maybe also to remove unnecessary permissions. Ansgar has run such a "ping" once (only for non-DD group members, IIRC), and this is a reminder to do it again.
  • Run 'get-ubuntu-packages | sort -u | lp-mass-subscribe' (scripts located in scripts/ directory in pkg-perl git repository) to subscribe our Launchpad team, ~pkg-perl-maintainers to all bugs concerning packages we maintain. This script must be run by a Launchpad team administrator.

    • [Last run: mid-June 2013, gregoa]

When a new Perl hits unstable

When oldstable is archived

  • Update (build) dependencies. E.g. once Lenny is archived, there's no need for "perl (>= 5.10.1) | libFOO-perl ()" anymore, or to depend on versions of packages that are already satisfied in current stable.

  • cme fix dpkg -from control -filter Depends, with mass-commit in our script repo

  • Review/remove Breaks/Replaces against package versions that are not even in oldstable. (Not (yet?) in cme fix.)

Background tasks

Things that would be nice to do, often repetitive. Can be done globally, or every time you work on a specific package.

  • Forward all (non Debian specific) patches upstream and add the CPAN RT ids to the patch headers [tools: forward-bug/forward-patch exists (ghedo++), patchedit exists (jozef++)]
  • Fix common lintian-errors repo-wide (e.g. errors from pod2man, missing patch descriptions, ...) - some stuff fixed, other is more easily fixed by "dh-make-perl --refresh" on the next upgrade ...

Nice to have, some day

  • Write team-specific questions for NM templates (Enrico's mail).

    • Random ideas: fix a Perl bug, update a Perl package to the group standards, adopt a package into the Perl group.
  • NM tasks for teams -- found in an even older mail from Enrico :)