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 * Source: ftp://ftp.modsoftsys.net/public/pkg-perl_logo/use_Perl;_below_a_swirl.svg  * Source: ftp://ftp.modsoftsys.net/public/pkg-perl_logo/use_Perl_below_a_swirl.svg
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 * Source: ftp://ftp.modsoftsys.net/public/pkg-perl_logo/use_perl;_below_a_swirl.svg  * Source: ftp://ftp.modsoftsys.net/public/pkg-perl_logo/use_perl_below_a_swirl.svg

Please help choosing a logo for [:Teams/DebianPerlGroup:Debian Perl Group]

It all started with this [http://lists.debian.org/debian-perl/2008/07/msg00000.html mail]


This is a draft! Discussion is going on on the list.


Use art.debian.net?


  • Everyone can propose a logo
  • the logo should be usable on the Group's pages as well as other places where a logo would be nice (e.g. [http://cia.vc/stats/project/pkg-perl the CIA page])


  • Proposals are to be added to this page
  • Anyone can propose a logo
  • Deadline for adding new proposals is August 31st 2008
  • Please state the terms under which the logo can be used explicitly


  • Everybody who did a commit in the group's repository since July 1st 2007 can vote
  • Votes are to be sent to the debian-perl list
  • All votes are equal
  • Voting starts on September 1st and ends on September 15th


  • The proposal with most votes wins.


use Perl; below a swirl

use perl; below a swirl

use Debian (@_)

use Debian ($@)

$ @/Debian

"use Perl;" in a swirl