Current Perl Team infrastructure


Perl Team most prominent service is git, plus some Salsa specific features.

Salsa Group is

Repository Structure

Perl Team Group on Salsa is organized as follow:

Team members have "maintainer" access to the "modules" tree.

FIXME: Permissions and roles need to be described in more details

Projects settings

Short version: use dpt-salsa (1) to manage repositories on Salsa. It will set up permissions and webhooks properly.


Specific Repositories


mr (multi repo) is the tool used by the perl team to facilitate maintaining 3K+ packages as a team. holds the parent repo, with the main .mrconfig.

Website holds the website.

Static pages are generated from POD and an index is created using update-website, run on each push using gitlab CI (see in the repo).


The pkg-perl calendar file in website repo is built manually by dmn.

A static file, manually curated in git and exposed via the webspace FIXME: needs automation, should be included in CI job

Debian Package Tracker

Debian Perl Team Tracker page tracks the state of packages maintained by the team.

Tracker is taking over the (now defunct) PET, thanks to it's team features. It's still a work in progress, but features are coming in thanks to the GSoC 2018 Tracker Improvement project

Packages are tracked based on the maintainer address from d/control.

Missing features should be at least partially covered by Perl Team DMD

Missing (for now) stuff:

Other services

Mailing Lists

Debian-perl ML on

Mailman -

pkg-perl list ( is used for the Maintainer field. Discussion should happen on Debian-perl ML on

FIXME: This is a continuation of Alioth mailman service. It might go away in the future. We will need to switch to another medium, like using for maintainer field.

LHF reminder

The LHF reminder uses and is run by dom.

Server runs on Dom's hardware. ntyni also has access.

Dependencies on (retired) alioth services (aka broken stuff)

Things that are broken now that is shut down.

Annual ping reminder

The annual ping reminder for pkg-perl members is run in alioth via pkg-ruby-extras' find-inactive-contributors, plus some additional steps for pkg-perl.


This will need replacement.


There's a proof of concept pkg-perl manual in the website repo that is build from POD files via Sphinx and then rsync-ed to alioth manually.


This should be easy to reproduce with Git pages (actually, the pkg-perl web pages were used to test the Gitlab Pages during the sprint). We might even have Sphinx available on Salsa to build the pages directly in Gitlab (if it's worth building on every push).

Examples of building gitlab pages with sphinx:


There are also scripts/cronjobs to produce the 2 files in


This will need replacement, and won't run on Salsa.

CI coverage

script (kgb-ci-report) to post "CI coverage" notices daily on IRC: run by dam on alioth.