The Debian Octave Group (DOG) is a collaborative effort for maintaining the Octave-related Debian packages. Coordination is done through the pkg-octave project at Alioth.

Any developer, either a member of Debian or not, is invited to participate. If you are interested, send an email to the development list or drop a note to the project administrators at Alioth.

Maintained packages

Development is coordinated through Git repositories, using the git-buildpackage tool (with the associated git-dch tool for generating debian/changelog entries).

Mailing lists

There are two mailing lists related to the project:

Check list for the Octave-Forge packages

  1. Bump the build-dependency on octave-pkg-dev to >= 1.4.2.

  2. Bump the Standards-Version to 4.0.0.
  3. Set the Uploaders field as described below.
  4. The recommended debhelper compat level is 10.
  5. We use a machine-readable debian/copyright with the 1.0 specification. Generating this file can be simplified by the following command:

    licensecheck -r --copyright -c  '\.m|\.cc|\.hh|\.c|\.h|\.f' . | /usr/lib/cdbs/licensecheck2dep5

    Note that you will have to update the Format line using the finalized URL for version 1.0. If you are using CDBS version 0.4.103 or later, the URL will be that for version 1.0.

    You can also automatically fix some errors in your file using the following command (from package libconfig-model-perl):

    cme fix dpkg
  6. Use the SourceForge redirector in the debian/watch file (bump format version to 4 if needed):


Packages currently in Debian but not maintained upstream

Octave Forge packages not in Debian

Candidates for packaging

The following packages are listed as maintained by the upstream authors and are not yet in Debian:

Packages that should not enter Debian

Packages that have been in Debian at some point but were removed

Uploaders Field

The Uploaders field should normally list the team member(s) that are personally interested in the package and take the primary responsibility for maintaining it. Maintaining this field up-to-date gives a better overview of responsibilities within the team (in particular, it will make individual QA pages more relevant). Also note that team members not in the Uploaders field of a given package can still do Team Uploads, for example for fixing RC bugs or handling transitions.

There are however some packages that nobody is personally interested in for the time being, but which are nevertheless maintained by the team in the interest of our users. The Uploaders field of those packages should list all the team members willing to do this collective maintenance work, which are:

The packages in this situation are:

Work in progress

ToDo Items

The following list contains things that should be done at some point in the future.

Obsolete material