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== See also ==

 * [[ServicesHosting#Hosting_possibilities|Other hosting options]]

Team members

  • General: Stefano Rivera (stefanor), Kyle Robbertze (paddatrapper), Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)
  • Openstack: Thomas Goirand (zigo), Michal Arbet (kevko)


#debian.net on oftc



Our scope

We aim to make it easier for Debian Developers to host their services. Primarily, at least for now, we administer hosting that is paid for by the Debian project. It is still up to individual service administrators to ensure that their services and instances are up to date and backed up. In the future we might help pool or track some common tasks where it may be beneficial to do so.

Where we host

Debian Developers can host their serviced under debian.net at any hosting provider of their choice, or they can have this team arrange an instance, which means that the Debian project will cover the bill.

We can currently create instances at:

We're working with a large hosting provider to set up an OpenStack instance as well and we hope to be in a position to host instances there in the future. We'll share some more news there as soon as we can.

How to request an instance

Refer to our documentation for the process.


We don't currently have dedicated backup space, but each Debian Developer has lifetime free access to 500GB of space at rsync.net which you can use to back up your service. Be sure to test your backups and document it on your service's wiki page. rsync.net provides access via tools like rsync and sshfs, but also have server side borg backup and rclone. More details are available on their site.

See also