Just some notes until we have a better place to store them.

DebConf Video Team

DebConf Video team currently has seperate approval for up to €150 per month for permanent infrastructure through Debian.ch's Hetzner Cloud account.

The amount comes from these estimates (which will vary greatly when there's an upcoming DebConf or not):

Compontent      Hetzner VM      Price (EUR)
Voctomix        CPX41           26.56
Jibri_1         CX31            10.32
Jibri_2         CX31            10.32
OBS             CPX41           26.56
Etherpad        CX31            10.32
Add. storage    1TB             47.51
Total/month (EUR)               131.59

This was approved by the DPL (Jonathan Carter) on 2020-10-08.

Debian Social

Debian.social has two active VMs with Hetzner.cloud on the Debian.ch account:

The rest of the debian.social sites are hosted on a standalone server at Hetzner, also with the debian.ch account.

Debian.social's hosting is currently about €100 per month. It will likely make sense to move these to the openstack instance as that becomes stable.

Current Debian.net services paid for by Debian