This page will guide you on setting up CIA Hooks for your Mozilla extension within the Pkg-?MozExt GIT repositories.


Note: as an example I'll use the extension named webdeveloper, so please remember to adapt it to your $extension_name.

Note: if you feel more comfortable in having a script doing all (setting up GIT repository, description, hooks etc.) the work for you, please consider executing setup-repository available on /git/pkg-mozext as follows:

    ssh $
    cd /git/pkg-mozext
    ./setup-repository webdeveloper "Web developer extension for the Iceweasel/Firefox web browser" # syntax is $module_name $description.


    ssh $
    cd /git/pkg-mozext/webdeveloper.git
    cp ../CIA_Hooks/ ./hooks
    cp ../CIA_Hooks/post-receive ./hooks

When done get back to the topdir of the webdeveloper.git folder and modify the file named config as follows:

    cia-project = pkg-mozext