Mozilla Extension Packaging Team


Interacting with the team

Task description

Packaging of extensions for Icedove (aka Thunderbird) and Iceweasel (aka Firefox).

Unfortunately Iceape and Iceowl (aka Seamonkey and Sunbird) are marked as end of life by Mozilla.


Simply get involved! The pkg-mozext-maintainers QA page and git repository are good places to start. If you're new to extension packaging send patches to the mailing list or talk to someone on IRC for review. To get commit access request to join the project via Alioth. Packages that need checking or an upload can be listed at the TODO list or on the IRC channel.

Common practices


Use the following snippet for your sources.list:

deb lenny/i386/
deb lenny/all/
deb-src lenny/source/

deb sid/i386/
deb sid/all/
deb-src sid/source/

To install an extension run

apt-get install <EXTENSION>

If you are member of the group pkg-mozext you can upload with the following dput configuration:

method = scp
fqdn =
incoming = /home/groups/pkg-mozext/htdocs/packages/mini-dinstall/incoming/
post_upload_command = ssh /home/groups/pkg-mozext/