Packaging Mono 2.6 for Debian

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WindowsBase assembly

20:02:15 <meebey> mono 2.6 and mono-uia 1.0 both ship the WindowsBase assembly, which one is the authoritative source of it?
20:02:45 <meebey> should the version in mono 2.6+ replace the older one found in mono-uia 1.0?

Mono 2.6 release notes says: System.IO.Packaging

The WindowsBase assembly which was previously part of the Olive module is now part of the standard Mono distribution. This assembly sole purpose is to provide the System.IO.Packaging API, a .NET API for ZIP files that has recently become popular. 

So Mono 2.6 should probably replace the libmono-windowsbase3.0-cil package of mono-uia.