Mono 2.10 transition bug filing;


Usertags: mono-2.10-transition mono-2.10-transition-ftbs

cli-common-dev 0.8, dh_clideps

sample text:

Subject: Fix dll maps
Usertags: mono-2.10-transition mono-2.10-transition-cli-common

The package PACKAGENAMEHERE fails to build with the new cli-common-dev 0.8 currently in experimental.
The new version fails instead of warning when a module reference cannot be resolved.
To fix this issue please update the dllmap.


If the dependency is optional at runtime you can exclude it with
dh_clideps --exclude-moduleref=MODULEREF
This flag is ignored in cli-common-dev < 0.8.

For more information see:
If you have questions visit #debian-cli


sample text:

Subject: Please remove the dependency on libmono-dev.
Usertags: mono-2.10-transition mono-2.10-transition-libmono-dev

The package PACKAGENAMEHERE depends on libmono-dev.
libmono-dev will be removed in mono 2.10 which is currently in experimental.
The library will still be available as libmono-2.0-dev with a soname bump and the pkg-config file renamed to mono-2.pc.
The mono.pc pkg-config file is still available in libmono-cil-dev which is a dependency of mono-devel.

Most packages depending on libmono-dev do not require it to build.
In this case the dependency should be removed.
If it cannot be removed please prepare to move to libmono-2.0-dev.

Fixing or removing the dependency is a requirement for a future mono
2.10 transition.

For more information see [0] or visit #debian-cli


non default gmcs

sample text:

Subject: Please use debians default csharp compiler
Usertags: mono-2.10-transition mono-2.10-transition-gmcs

The package PACKAGENAMEHERE requires gmcs to build.
In mono 2.10, currently in experimental, the default csharp compiler
will change from gmcs to dmcs.
mono-gmcs will not be installed by mono-devel anymore.


Please use the default compiler mono-csc or explicitly build depend on
an appropriate version of mono-gmcs.

For more information see [0,1] or visit #debian-cli