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=== Untested alternative merge workflow ===
 * {{{git checkout master}}}
 * {{{git merge -s recursive -X theirs upstream}}}
 * {{{git merge -s recursive -X theirs debian/patches/xxxx}}}
  * Repeat for all patch branches

I don't git it, but now you will

Debian patching workflow for new upstream versions

Update each patch branch

  • git checkout debian/patches/xxx

  • git merge upstream

  • Resolve possible conflicts
  • Repeat for all patch branches

Merge new upstream + updated patches + master (debian)

  • git checkout -b merge/$upstream_version upstream

  • git merge debian/patches/xxxx

    • Repeat for all patch branches
  • git merge -s recursive -X ours master

  • git checkout master

  • git merge merge/$upstream_version

Untested alternative merge workflow

  • git checkout master

  • git merge -s recursive -X theirs upstream

  • git merge -s recursive -X theirs debian/patches/xxxx

    • Repeat for all patch branches