Debian Libvirt Team


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Task description

Packaging of libvirt, virt-manager, oVirt and related packages (such as language bindings). As well as improving integration with other packages like xen, kvm, d-i and tools to create virtual machines. Virtualization should be easy to setup in Debian - independent from the underlying virtualization solution.

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Source Code


Use the following snippet in your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb unstable/i386/
deb unstable/all/
deb-src unstable/source/

to fetch pkg-libvirt packages. Then run

aptitude update

and e.g.

aptitude install guestfish


If you are member of the group pkg-libvirt you can upload with the following dput configuration:

method = scp
fqdn =
incoming = /home/groups/pkg-libvirt/htdocs/packages/mini-dinstall/incoming/
post_upload_command = ssh /home/groups/pkg-libvirt/