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* '''Website''': http://wiki.debian.org/DebianKernel  * '''Website''': http://wiki.debian.org/DebianKernel
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 * '''Read the FAQ first''': [wiki:XStrikeForce/FAQ FAQ]  * '''Read the FAQ first''': [wiki:/FAQ FAQ] (none yet)


Interacting with the team

  • Read the FAQ first: [wiki:/FAQ FAQ] (none yet)

  • Email contact: ?MailTo(debian-kernel AT lists DOT debian DOT org)

  • Public IRC channel: #debian-kernel on irc.debian.org (OFTC)

Usual roles

  • See ["DebianKernel"] for an up to date list of team members with some roles.

Task description

The Debian Kernel Team is the team responsible for maintaining the Linux kernel packages in Debian.

Get involved

  • See FIXME: add info