Debian Jr. Development

This page describes how development of Debian Junior is done and what practices we follow and conform to.

Using Git for packaging

The debianjr master repository is hosted on alioth. In order to develop existing and add new repositories, first register on alioth and join the debianjr project

When your account is approved and you have joined the debianjr project check out the team master repository with commit access

git clone git+ssh://

configure mr to trust the debianjr .mrconfig

echo "/path/to/debianjr/.mrconfig" >> $HOME/.mrtrust

check out either selected repositories

./checkout <repository>

or all of them

mr --force checkout

More detailed documentation on how to work with packaging development (i.e. how to put new packages in the team repository) is available at

Adopt existing packages to the team

To adopt an existing package and put it under Debian Junior team maintainence:

Of course the package needs to build in a clean environment and also be lintian clean.