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 * <<Icon(star_on.png)>><<Icon(star_on.png)>><<Icon(star_on.png)>><<Icon(star_on.png)>> Create a map.debian.org service based on [[DebianLocations|locations]] of Debian related things.

Debian GIS Team


Interacting with the team

  • Email contact: <debian-gis@lists.debian.org>

  • Public IRC channel: #debian-gis on irc.debian.org (OFTC)

Usual roles

  • Francesco P. Lovergine (IRC nick frankie) is the project manager on Alioth and manages moderated lists

Task description

The team maintains a good deal of GIS (Geographical Information System) related packages. See also the DebianGis Manifesto. A list of packages of interest is provided by The DebianGis Thermometer

Get involved

  • {*} Help with open bugs and already team-mantained packages.

  • {*}{*} Package new GIS related software or adopt GIS package orphaned by single maintainers.

  • {*}{*}{*} Provide new services or tools which can help team maintainance.

  • {*}{*}{*}{*} Create a map.debian.org service based on locations of Debian related things.