FreeSmartphone.Org packaging team

See DebianOnFreeRunner for user and general information. This page contains information for the pkg-fso packaging team.


We want to add the applications and tools developed by FreeSmartphone.Org (FSO) for devices like the Openmoko FreeRunner to Debian and ensure that Debian can be used as the system on these devices. After all, Debian is the universal operating system.


We share the mailing list with the upstream FreeSmartphone.Org developers: There is also pkg-fso-maint at alioth and as our IRC channel, we use #openmoko-cdevel on freenode.


We have had a repository on that contained packages until they were incorporated in Debian, both for armel and desktop architectures. Practically everything there is nowadays in 2012 replaced by newer versions in Debian main, but for checking for possibly interesting missed small things you can access the repository using these apt lines:

deb unstable main
deb-src unstable main

To suppress apt authentication warnings you can upload the pkg-fso-keyring package after adding the repository:

apt-get install pkg-fso-keyring
apt-get update

Please be aware that some packages might depend on packages in Debian experimental (or nowhere anymore). You thus need to activate it in your sources.list. By default only packages that are explicitly needed will be pulled from experimental.

To upload packages to this repository with dput, you can use this configuration snippet:

method = scp
fqdn =
#login = someone
incoming = /home/groups/pkg-fso/repository/incoming
post_upload_command = ssh /home/groups/pkg-fso/repository/bin/process_incoming


FSO + SHR stack

Attached is a dependency graph in PNG and SVG formats (source).


Common: fso-config-gta02

"FSO1": main package fso-frameworkd


fso-gsm0710muxd - gsm0710muxd


fso-abyss - libgsm0710mux0 - libgsm0710


fso-gpsd - fso-misc-vapi - fso-specs - fso-usaged - libfso-glib0 - libfsobasics0 - libfsoframework0 - libframeworkd-glib - libfsotransport - - libfsoresource

"FSO2": main package?? cornucopia from upstream



libphone-ui-shr - libphone-ui - libphone-ui-backend - libphone-utils - phonefsod - phoneuid - phoneui-apps


This is an overview of the packages maintained by pkg-fso.


Some packages, especially those that are in a git repository upstream, are maintained in git repositories, using git-buildpackage:

There is also a repository for various other files, including the installation script


These bugs are relevant for us and should be monitored regularly:

Each bug in pkg-fso packages or any other package affecting Debian on the Openmoko FreeRunner should be marked with an usertag. You can browse all usertagged bugs by this link or grouped by tag.

Here the list of already used usertags:


(08/2010): Migrating and fixing stuff from pkg-fso repository to official archives:

Maybe worth packaging:

(older) These should be looked into:

DebianOnFreeRunner/Todo is a separate page that lists some less concrete things that one might want to work on.