mr and Debian FSO team

mr is the Multiple Repository manager, a handy tool to keep many source repositories up to date. A .mrconfig file is available (Its available via http here) which you can use for downloading all the teams git branches.

Personal mrconfig

If you don't have a .mrconfig, this simple one should get you started:

chain = true
checkout = git clone git://

It will create an src/pkg-fso directory, and load any .mrconfig found in that directory. mr will then download any source entries found inside the new .mrconfig.

If you don't want to run your entire mr config file, you could specify which configuration file to use.

mr -c src/pkg-fso/pkg-fso.mrconfig

Both of these will download the new branches into the src/pkg-fso/<newpackage> directory.

Keeping mrconfig in a different directory

If your pkg-fso .mrconfig is in a different directory to where you want your target directories, you can expand the checkout command to copy the latest version to where you want the packages downloaded to.

checkout = git clone git://
update = git pull ; cp ~/sourcecheckouts/pkg-fso-mrconfig/pkg-fso.mrconfig ~/src/pkg-fso/.mrconfig