Workaround for cut backtrace output lines

ERT cuts backtrace output lines at 70 characters by default. This can be configured:


ert_eval = (setq ert-batch-backtrace-right-margin 500)

The documentation of this variable says:

Exclude ERT tests

Used in package lsp-mode where upstream also excludes some tests in their Makefile.


ert_helper = debian/ert-helper.el


   1 (ert-run-tests-batch-and-exit
   2  '(not (or
   3 ;; Exclude by tag:
   4         (tag org)
   5         (tag no-win)
   6 ;; Exclude some tests by name (actually RegEx):
   7         "lsp-test-current-buffer-mode"
   8         "lsp-text-document-hover-request"
   9         "lsp-text-document-hover-request-tick"
  10         ))
  11  )


When a package test suite wants to write to $HOME


    ert_eval = (setq user-emacs-directory (make-temp-file "foo-test" 'dir-flag))

Rebuild all elpa-* packages in unstable against new Emacs in experimental

    aptitude search "~Aunstable~n^elpa-" -F"%e" | while read p; do sbuild --extra-repository='deb experimental main' --build-dep-resolver=aspcud --add-depends="emacs (>= 1:26)" --add-depends="emacs-common (>= 1:26)" --add-depends="emacs-bin-common (>= 1:26)" --add-depends="emacs-nox (>= 1:26)" "$p"; done

You can then run autopkgtest on all the changes files (untested!):

    for f in *.changes; do autopkgtest --setup-commands="echo >>/etc/apt/sources.list deb experimental main" --setup-commands="apt-get update" --setup-commands="apt-get install emacs/experimental" "$f" -l "$f.autopkgtest.log"; done