DebConf17 meeting

Action items

Switching to a single flavour of GNU Emacs

  1. copy src:emacs25 to new source package src:emacs
  2. give src:emacs an epoch version number: 1:25.2-1
  3. edits to code to handle clash with /usr/share/emacs from upstream? + other paths stuff + policy
  4. move bin:emacs from src:emacs-defaults to new src:emacs
  5. this new bin:emacs will take over from the bin:emacs produced by src:emacs-defaults
  6. after new src:emacs has cleared NEW, RM src:emacs-defaults
  7. dh-elpa maintscripts update & rebuild every dh-elpa package (use

    • dh-elpa-Version field to do this; was added in dh-elpa 1.10, but reverted until a debhelper bug gets fixed)
  8. RC bugs against non-dh-elpa packages, suggesting switching to
    • dh-elpa [on what grounds would these be RC?]

IRC log of meeting

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