Team Repo Guide

This guide will guide you through cloning team repo, building packages from it and making changes, pushing changes back.

<!> Note our repo has not yet been picked up by cron job. This means it is not yet available on For now only those who are project members can clone the repo using alioth.


Read through [Alioth/SSH]. It tells you how to avoid hardcoding your username everywhere as well as how to install SSH on alioth. This guide assumes you have at least created ~/.ssh/config as explained on that page.

Also you will need at least these packages in addition to the build requirements

sudo apt-get install git-core git-buildpackage pristine-tar

Cloning the repo

Let's create a derictory for all our packaging and change into it:

$ mkdir ~/pkg-crosswire
$ cd ~/pkg-crosswire

Currently we only have sword package. So we are going to clone it:

$ git clone ssh+git://
$ cd sword

Now let's setup the tracking branches:

$ git branch --track upstream origin/upstream # to create a tracking branch
$ git branch --track pristine-tar origin/pristine-tar # to track pristine-tar brack

Now after typing next command, you should see output as displayed:

$ git branch
* master

Building from the repo

Building from the repo is easy

$ git checkout master
git buildpackage --pristine-tar

This will export the tree to ../build-area, generate pristine tarball (with identical checksums as upstream), and envoke debuild -uc -us there. Sit back, relax and watch it build.

For more information about git-buildpackage see [/usr/share/doc/git-buildpackage/manual-html/index.html]

I will add more info hear in due course.