Team Repo Guide

This guide will guide you through cloning team repo, building packages from it and making changes, pushing changes back.

<!>Note our repo has not yet been picked up by cron job. For now we will have access it via alioth domain, later it will be possible to use domain


<!>Skip if you don't have write access yet

Read through [Alioth/SSH] this guide assumes you have at least created ~/.ssh/config as explained on that page.

Cloning the repo

Let's create a derictory for all our packaging and change into it:

$ mkdir ~/pkg-crosswire
$ cd ~/pkg-crosswire

Currently we only have sword package. So we are going to clone it:

$ git clone ssh+git://
$ cd sword

Now let's setup the tracking branches:

$ git branch --track upstream origin/upstream # to create a tracking branch
$ git branch --track pristine-tar origin/pristine-tar # to track pristine-tar brack

Now after typing this, you should see output as displayed:

$ git branch