Packaging SubLib 0.9 for Debian


=== [SOLVED] Licensing / Copyright [SOLVED] ===

So chardet licensed as MPL / GPL / LGPL was ported to Java (called JCharDet) which is licensed as (M|N?)PL.

JCharDet then was translated to C# (called NCharDet) as the author says on the website and then was licensed under MPL / GPL / LGPL. The author of NCharDet is not holding the copyright, as he clearly shows in the header file of his source, he lists "Netscape Communications Corporation" and only added himself as contributor.

So to my understand he re-licensed JCharDet from (M|N?)PL to MPL / GPL / LGPL which is probably not legal, as he is _not_ holding the copyright of JCharDet.

What makes it a bit odd is that JCharDet is also not listing any copyright holders in the Java source besides "Netscape Communications Corporation". So was JCharDet relicense from MPL / GPL / LGPL to MPL already not legal?

ps: how about It's MPL1.1 licensed, but there is a chance to change devel's mind, since his fork comes from a GPL/MPL/LGPL sofware. -- tiagovaz

Sublib's upstream talked to Jchardet developer who agreed adding GPL to his code. Now jchardet is GPLed: