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 * In all selections, add a "*" to highlight require fields.  * In all forms, add a "*" to highlight require fields.


Bugs discovered / missing features

  • Does not display test number against claimed tests
  • Doesn't display my claimed tests in the list of currently claimed tests (at the bottom of the page)
  • Need More detailed logging:
    • Need IP addresses (and username if logged in) for log
    • Show what happened if things are changed:
      • "test ### claimed by user XXX"
      • "test ### marked as success by user XXX"
      • In debug mode, log the logic when showing which tests are presented to a user
  • Unable to claim any multi-arch tests for any profile
  • unable to claim i386 tests for AMD64 profile (should be able to run BOTH amd64 AND i386 images on an AMD64 machine)
  • Table views should be able to be sorted (up or down) by clicking on the column to sort by. i.e. sort compleated tests by Tesster, datestamp, number, result
  • Currently claimed test table should show timestamp field (better still how long the test has been claimed for)
    • Admin users should be able to mark currently claimed tests as abandoned
  • When claiming a test, add a button next to the list of tests to select them directly, rather than the drop-down.
  • In all forms, add a "*" to highlight require fields.