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 * [[Icon(star_on.png)]][[Icon(star_on.png)]] Allow the use of Boost.Python with multiple Python versions
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The Debian Boost Team


Interacting with the team

  • Email contact: ?MailTo(pkg-boost-devel AT lists DOT alioth DOT debian DOT org)

Usual roles

  • Domenico Andreoli (IRC nick cavok) usually manages packaging
  • Steven Michael Robbins mediates between Domenico and the users
  • Christophe Prudhomme plays hide and seek
  • you

Task description

The team tries to manage this free encyclopedia of C++ in the Debian distribution.

Get involved

  • ?Icon(star_on.png) Navigate through the libboost-doc documentation and report any broken link

  • ?Icon(star_on.png)?Icon(star_on.png) Allow the use of Boost.Python with multiple Python versions

  • ?Icon(star_on.png)?Icon(star_on.png)?Icon(star_on.png) Help managing bjam/boost-build stuff