DebConf is the annual Debian Developers' conference hosted at a different location around the world each year. This is organized by a local team that gathers for bidding a year or two before their conference. Topics which are longer running than a specific DebConf are catered for by teams which are commonly summarized as the "global team".

Global teams include:


Interacting with the team

Task description

The global team is there to help the local team make DebConf a success. It's role is to give advise based on their experience helping running DebConf over years.

Technically, for the work at hand for a specific DebConf, there doesn't have to be a distinction between local and global team. On the contrary, there is nothing against "locals" doing "global jobs" and vice versa, though the latter is sometimes more difficult and sometimes impossible.

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DebConf committee

For the long term oversight of DebConf a committee has been formed and delegated by the DPL. The current members and delegation text are available from

The committee can be contacted at