The Opsis Box takes the presentation output from the Presenter’s laptop [1] and grabs this to a video stream to be sent to the talk room's vision mixer. It also provides a signal output to the projector [2] in the talk room.

[1] Presentations should be 720p (1280x720 @ 50/60Hz)

[2] Talk room projector should support 720p (1280x720 @ 50/60Hz) on a HDMI connector
Using adapters, you 'can' also output over a VGA connector (the projector still needs to support a resolution of 1280x720). This is flaky at best. You have been warned

What is it

The Opsis box *will* consist of an Opsis FPGA video capture board coupled to a Minnowoard 'Turbot' micro PC, all housed in a 1U enclosure.

Presently we use an Opsis FPGA video capture borad connected to an desktop or laptop PC to perform the same task. RattusRattus and Tumbleweed working on integrating this into one box.

In addition to capturing the output from the presenter laptop, we should be able to take the output from the MinnowBoard Turbot's HDMI port and display it on the video projector. We can use this to show the 'sponsor loop' or the event schedule, in between talks.

Parts List